[mythtv] SVN ~8742 LiveTV "Error was encountered while displaying video." between shows?

Ben Suffolk ben at vanilla.net
Mon Jan 30 10:54:40 UTC 2006

> I started receiving this between live TV shows, the g/f says its  
> happened to
> her a couple times with 8703 when I wasn't home. clicking on Return  
> to Menu
> and going back to live tv resets things, no weird output in the  
> frontend
> log. Anyone else see this?

I have opened a ticket for this (1153) , but it just struck me that  
it maybe related to the allocated disk space for livetv. i.e. an  
issue with the auto deleting of recorded livetv programs? I know that  
does not place any physical constraints on the disk, but its a  
theory. I have set my auto deleting to 1 day for live tv now instead  
of the default 7 days, and on first inspection it seem to be able to  
view LIveTV again without any problems, but only time will tell if  
thats a coincidence I guess.

Does that sound like a plausible cause of the problem?

I can't find where I setup the amount of disk space available to  
LiveTV now (had a skim through various setup menus). I recall that I  
set it a bit higher than the default, maybe 10G rings bell but it may  
have been 20.


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