[mythtv] Mythjobqueue (including commflag) packaged for MacOS X

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Mon Jan 30 04:15:01 UTC 2006

>> Well, I've got the backend finding those bundled executables, but now
>> when those executables run, they can't find any of the libraries
>> needed.
>> OK, I see what the problem is.  The paths to library dependencies that
>> are embedded in the auxilliary executables never get adjusted with
>> install_name_tool.

	I will try and fix that tonight, Dave.

> A simple workaround is to compile each app separately  (ie change the 
> mythfrontend.app everywhere in the script to mythjobqueue.app or 
> mythcommflag.app etc)  and then copy the resulting executables into 
> the package.  I thought that with the newest version of the script, 
> this was done automagically

	For the standalone *.app, yes.
For the binaries that I hacked into
MythBackend.app, obviously not.

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