[mythtv] Trying to debug seek problems

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Sun Jan 29 01:28:18 UTC 2006

It's pretty common, when I hit the 'E' key while watching a recording,
for the indicator to end up at zero.  Likewise it's common for me to
end up back at the beginning of all video when I use the skip
forward/reverse keys.

It seems the culprit is lurking in the PrepareFrame member function of
most of the classes derived from VideoOutput.  For example, here's the
one from VideoOutputQuartz:

  void VideoOutputQuartz::PrepareFrame(VideoFrame *buffer, FrameScanType t)

      if (!buffer)
          buffer = vbuffers.GetScratchFrame();

      framesPlayed = buffer->frameNumber + 1;

When paused, the buffer argument to PrepareFrame is 0 (NULL) and the
result of calling VideoBuffers::GetScratchFrame is always a buffer
whose frameNumber is zero.  I believe there's some kind of race
condition when pausing, so sometimes this doesn't cause a problem.
However, when I change this to

  void VideoOutputQuartz::PrepareFrame(VideoFrame *buffer, FrameScanType t)

      if (buffer)
            framesPlayed = buffer->frameNumber + 1;

everything works perfectly.

As I said, this bug is apparently repeated through most of the
subclasses of VideoOutput, the exceptions being VideoOutputIvtv and
VideoOutputXv.  I suppose most people are using Xv and that's why it
hasn't been more widely reported.  Regardless, the repetition of this
code pattern strongly suggests that some refactoring is in order.

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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