[mythtv] Ticket #1047: double escape from watch recordings menu crashed frontend

Ben Suffolk ben at vanilla.net
Sat Jan 28 15:50:24 UTC 2006

> From: Ben Suffolk <ben at vanilla.net>
> Date: 28 January 2006 13:01:46 GMT
> To: mythtv-dev at mythtv.org
> Subject: Re: Ticket #1047: double escape from watch recordings menu  
> crashed frontend
>> Hi,
>> The first back trace attached to 1047 is mine, I re-opened it because
>> the appearance of the fault is identical, but I agree without a new
>> backtrace we have no idea if its the same fault as the original, it
>> may well be a different fault with exactly the same visible symptoms.
>> I'm sorry about that I'll run another backtrace for with svn head
>> tonight (just about to go to work now), and oen a new ticket with it.
>> I think maybe with the other comments being added about seg faults
>> etc, this ticket may well have ended up covering 2 different faults,
>> one of which was fixed by 1075.
>> Ben
> Ok, so here is the problem for me, if I compile it with the debug  
> option it has no problems when I press esc (This is the case if I  
> run it via GDB or not). If I do not compile it with the debug  
> option it will always remove the GUI when I press esc (note it  
> seems to do it on a single esc now, not a double). The frontend is  
> still running, its not a core dump scenario. If I run it via gdb  
> (without the debug flags set) it has no problems.
> This means I have no way of providing a back trace file. What  
> should I do now? Can I still open a new ticket, as requested by  
> danielk in 1047, without a back trace file?
> Ben

Ok, I have done a bit more playing, and it seems the problem occurs  
when I press backup on my remote, and no longer when I press esc on  
the keyboard (it used to have the problem with them both). I must  
have been using a combination of keyboard and remote when testing  
earlier (I had a delay between each test due to recompiling)

On checking my lircrc file I find that I had 2 remotes set up, one  
with a key called back and one with a key called BACK. One of the had  
the remote named the other did not. It turns out that its not case  
sensitive, and so when pressing BACK on the named remote (the one I  
now use) it was sending a double esc very quickly.

So it seems that a double esc event posted by lirc does cause a  
problem, but you are not able to press esc twice fast enough on a  
keyboard to cause the problem anymore.

I now have a backtrace file for the problem with the remote (but its  
to big for the limit on the list, I'll create that new ticket now)



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