[mythtv] Ticket #1047: double escape from watch recordings menu crashed frontend

Ben Suffolk ben at vanilla.net
Sat Jan 28 13:01:46 UTC 2006

> Hi,
> The first back trace attached to 1047 is mine, I re-opened it because
> the appearance of the fault is identical, but I agree without a new
> backtrace we have no idea if its the same fault as the original, it
> may well be a different fault with exactly the same visible symptoms.
> I'm sorry about that I'll run another backtrace for with svn head
> tonight (just about to go to work now), and oen a new ticket with it.
> I think maybe with the other comments being added about seg faults
> etc, this ticket may well have ended up covering 2 different faults,
> one of which was fixed by 1075.
> Ben

Ok, so here is the problem for me, if I compile it with the debug  
option it has no problems when I press esc (This is the case if I run  
it via GDB or not). If I do not compile it with the debug option it  
will always remove the GUI when I press esc (note it seems to do it  
on a single esc now, not a double). The frontend is still running,  
its not a core dump scenario. If I run it via gdb (without the debug  
flags set) it has no problems.

This means I have no way of providing a back trace file. What should  
I do now? Can I still open a new ticket, as requested by danielk in  
1047, without a back trace file?


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