[mythtv] "upcoming recordings" displays non-recording show as recording

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Jan 27 20:51:10 UTC 2006

Daniel Walton wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Jan 2006, Bruce Markey wrote:
>> Daniel Walton wrote:
>>> Sorry for the yellow/white confusion.  I opened ticket #1129 for this.
>> What you should be sorry about is being so evasive about what theme
>> you are using. Is it so hard to just say the name of the theme? Did
>> you swear to secrecy or something?
> Did anyone on this thread ever ask me what theme I was using?  No, they didn't.

Pretty much every message, including yours, mentioned that the theme
was the issue, yes.

> I'm using Project Grayhem, I'll check tonight to see if this problem is specific
> to that theme.

Tell ya what. For the thousands of people using myth everyday and
scheduling things over the past several years, you didn't find a
"bug" where scheduling was broken in some obvious way that no one
ever noticed before.

>> You only mention the the color as if that is decisive or authoratative and not
>> the record status which is the relevant information. While mentioning an
>> expectation that something should check if time is "padding", you fail to say
>> what the ending time is for the showing that may or may not record.
> I said it started at 7pm and ended at 9pm and that I wanted to pad at the end by
> 15 minutes.

The words "padded" or "padding" don't appear anywhere in the HOWTO
or the scheduling source code. There is "endoffset" which is the
"End recording 15 minutes late" in the recording rule options. There
is another separate feature for a different purpose that people love
to confuse with this but we won't go there. You did say something to
the effect that you "wanted to pad at the end by 15 minutes" but you
also said "the upcoming recordings list isn't checking to see if a
show is being padded". The implication is that you believed, based
only on the color, that the page was telling you that endoffset time
was not being applied and the game was colored in the record color
because it would end by 9. If this were the case the status character
would be a card number, the status message would say "Will Record" and
the program information would say "Thu Jan 26, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm".
However, they were "C", "Conflicting" and "9:15" but you only talked
about the color and didn't say if the reported end time was nine or
a quarter after. Saying that J.J. Redneck took a shot, while he is
nearly as good as Adam Morrison, isn't the same as saying the basket

>> The recording statuses come from the reclist of the scheduler and are the same
>> for the "upcoming recordings page" and mythweb and I can only imagine that
>> your closely guarded secret mystery theme screwed up the font definitions on
>> the conflicts page. Are the colors screwed up on other pages too like the
>> upcoming episodes or Set Priorities or Program Finder?
> I haven't noticed problems anywhere else.

In the spirit that no one asked you what theme you were using ;-)
let me ask for this information again in a more literal way.
[Hint: I didn't type the names of the pages just because I needed
the exercise for my fingers. ;-]

Please take a moment to identify if the inconsistency for the conflict
color exists on the other pages where the conflict color may appear.
To do so:

- Go to the EPG to a time in the near future where you can temporarily
add then remove some recording rules.

- Press "R" on a program to set a Single record rule for something
that is not currently scheduled to record. Repeat for three other
shows at the same time for a total of four overlapping Single record

- Go to the Upcoming Recordings page and scroll down until you find
the four rules you just added. Three should have a card number is the
status column and one should have the letter "C". Highlight the one
marked "C". With current or recent SVN, the message below the box
should say something like "Single Record +1 Conflicting". Is the
text on this highlighted line in a font color that clearly indicates
that this showing is a conflict?

- Press the UPCOMING key, "O" to see the "proglist" list of upcoming
episodes for this title. On this page, is the text of the conflicting
showing in question highlighted in a font color that clearly indicates
that this showing is a conflict?

- If you are using SVN from within the past two months, go to the
Recording Priorities (AKA Set Priorities) page and scroll down to find
the title of the conflicting show. Is the text of the conflicting show
title in question highlighted in a font color that clearly indicates
that this showing is a conflict? [Earlier versions would not have
highlighted the title here.]

--  bjm

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