[mythtv] #1058 - what now?

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Fri Jan 27 16:54:18 UTC 2006

Buzz wrote:

>I have learned the following info :
>xvinfo reports, among other things:
>		Adaptor 0: "Intel(R) Video overlay"
>		maximum XvImage size 1440 x 1080
>So that telling me that the largest permissable video overlay size is
>1440x1080 (as I understand it), which obviously won't fit 1920x1080 into it.
I have the same problem. I am looking at the i810 xorg driver and see 
where they set the 1440x1080 limits. If you change the limits, the 
driver then crashes for memory alloc problems.  This should move to the 
xorg bug list.

#define IMAGE_MAX_WIDTH         1920
#define IMAGE_MAX_HEIGHT        1080

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