[mythtv] "upcoming recordings" displays non-recording show as recording

Daniel Walton dwalton at cisco.com
Thu Jan 26 21:58:12 UTC 2006

I'm using svn 8734 and am seeing a problem where a show that can't record due to
a conflict is still displayed in yellow in the "upcoming recordings".  MythWeb
doesn't list this show in its upcoming list so the problem appears to be
specific to mythfrontend.

The show in question is the Duke vs Virginia Tech basketball game which comes on
tonight from 7pm - 9pm EST.  I have a power search defined to record all ACC vs
ACC basketball games with a priority of -10, and it is setup to record an extra
15 minutes in case the game goes into overtime.

I have three tuners (1 Air2PC HD card and 2 PVR-150s) but at 9pm there are three
shows with a higher priority that will record.  It seems as if the code that
generates the upcoming recordings list isn't checking to see if a show is being
padded (the extra 15 minutes in my case) before it displays the title in yellow
when it should be displayed in white.  If I select the Duke vs Virginia Tech
game on the upcoming recordings page it will say that the show will not be
recorded due to the 3 shows with higher priotity that start at 9pm.

Should I open a trac case for this?  Not sure if this is known issue.


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