[mythtv] Enable EPG in ViewRecordings???

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Jan 25 19:02:04 UTC 2006

> I often view Recordings and then I have the Idea to scheudle another
> program, but i won't leave the recording!
> How about Including the epg not only in live TV, although in the view
> recordings???

I have run into this quite a few times also.  I'll see an advertisement
for some show I think I might want to see, and it is a bit of a pain to
jump out to the EPG and come back.  I have a patch in my tree that
enables the "GUIDE" key during recording playback.  If you press the
GUIDE key (normally bound to 'S'), it will pause playback, and bring up
the EPG (from there you can jump to the Program Finder if you want).
When you exit the EPG, playback is unpaused (if you were not paused
prior to pressing GUIDE).  The EPG should also start up on the channel
that the show being played back was recorded on originally since odds
are that is the channel you want to see. 

I'll commit to SVN after 0.19 is released.


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