[mythtv] LiveTV problem

raptor jr raptorjr at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 25 10:52:50 UTC 2006

Unfortunate for me it happens all the time. I can't watch LiveTV or make
a recording. Always stuttering.

Does your recording still mess up MythTV? In that case maybe some developer
could look at that and figure out what is wrong?
It is hard to be the only one with a problem, and i really would like to be 
able to
make recordings.


>I had one single recording that did this. After playing that everything was 
>stuttering, only a reboot helped. As the recording was one of the first of 
>the list the preview player triggered it when browsing the list and there 
>we were. Noticed it by browsing the "Main titles" first and the playing 
>something old that had worked before. You can also try to turn off the live 
>preview for the frontend. No idea how the recording got broken and why Myth 
>never recovered from the situation. I saved the recording if somebody is 
>interested to try to find out what happened.

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