[mythtv] SVN[8675] live TV stops at program end

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Mon Jan 23 19:57:12 UTC 2006

> r8649 has the same problem, just trying to test r8698 but mythgallery and
> mythvideo refuse to run so far :-(

This is a good one, fortunately a brief transitional problem. This is just
a quick note in case anyone else gets bitten by it...

Doing an 'svn update' on mythplugins and then doing a 'make distclean'
causes several failures due to version.cpp not existing. This means that
several plugins are not cleaned up so doing a 'make' doesn't do a lot!
Result was all sorts of complaints about the wrong version of mythlib.

Solution is to 'make distclean' before the 'svn update' or do a 'make
distclean' after the ./configure step so that the makefile rules handle
version.cpp correctly.

Robin Gilks

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