[mythtv] mythmusic hangs gui in full screen spectrum visualization

Ben Suffolk ben at vanilla.net
Mon Jan 23 10:29:49 UTC 2006

I am running svn 8688 and have noticed that mythmusic GUI locks up  
with a full screen visualization of spectrum (all others are ok).

Now this only happened when I switched the screen res to 1360 x 1024  
for the new display I got If I switch back to 1024 x 768 the  
visualization plays fine. It also plays fine in the small preview  
window on the main mythmusic screen. I guess it must be something to  
do with the scaling of it.

By GUI lockup when I mean is that the screen freezes on its current  
image, and the keys stop responding. I have tried it both by having a  
different full screen visualization playing and chaning to spectrum,  
and have spectrum playing in the preview window, then switching to  
full screen. The music carries on playing in the background as though  
nothing is wrong.

Just wondering if anybody else has seen this? Obviously I can just  
remove spectrum from the list of visualization's but I figured with  
release 19 coming up I should say something about this in case its a  
wide spread problem.

Here is the backtrace file, and I saw nothing added to the regular  
mythfrontend logs. Should this go into a trac?

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