[mythtv] Bug: Missing dependancies should be listed during configure

Buzz buzz at oska.com
Sun Jan 22 14:14:55 UTC 2006

I agree that missing dependancies should be made clearer, but in the mean
time have a look at this to make your life easier :
specifically note3:   (which I quote here for your convenience):
note3: reviewing the ./configure script for lines containing 'has_library'
can enlighten you to the large list of possible dependancies for mythtv.
Here is a SLOW, but useful, one-liner command to help you determine a list
of possible RPM dependancies for your system: 

grep has_library ~/myth-svn/mythtv/configure | perl -pe 's/.*has_library
(.*?) .*$//g;' | grep -v has_library | xargs yum whatprovides | grep i386 |
perl -pe 's/ .*//;' | sort -n | uniq


Hopefully helpful,


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Hello, I just tried to compile the latest svn on my laptop running Fedora
Core 4.  I initially did a compile only to see DVD support was disabled.  I
then added --enable-dvd and the same result occured.  This lead me to look
through configure to see that libdvdnav is required.

I think it would make sense that if options are to be disabled because of
missing dependancies that those missing dependancies should be listed.
Something akin to: "libdvdnav is required for DVD playback" would be good
enough and give people insight as to why something won't enable.  I ran into
a similar problem with lirc a few weeks ago when compiling (missing
dependancy) and had to go through configure to find out what was missing.  I
think this simple addition would make our compiling experience that much

Justin Cherniak

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