[mythtv] Rank and favourites strangeness

William Uther willu.mailingLists at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Jan 22 10:39:48 UTC 2006

   I think I've just found some rather buggy behaviours, but as it is  
the first time I've used this part of myth, I wanted to post here to  
check I wasn't just being an idiot.

Firstly, some background:  In Aus some of the stations transmit HD  
channels as well as SD channels (talking DVB here).  The two channels  
have exactly the same programming, just different resolution for some  
of the programs.  I have scanned in all those channels, and I have  
guide data that lets me know when the HD channels are actually  
transmitting HD content (separate XMLTV ids, the HD XMLTV channel  
only has data for the HD programs).

In general I only want the SD content, but I was hoping to play with  
HD sometime soon.  So I wanted to have the HD channels viewable, but  
usually hidden.  To do this I was going to reduce their rank so that  
any scheduled recordings would be taken from the SD channels, and I  
was going to mark the normal channels as favourites, and then have  
the EPG only show favourites by default.

Setting channel ranks:  It seems that the rank selection in the  
channel editor in mythtv-setup is broken.  You can adjust the rank,  
but it never gets saved.  Once you leave a channel page, and then re- 
enter it, the rank is set to 0... even if it is non-zero in mysql.
   You CAN set the channel rank from within mythfrontend.  If you set  
it there, then it shows up in the database.

Setting favourite channels: This just seems broken.  I went in to the  
EPG and hit '?'.  Myth added '*'s to the beginning and end of the  
channel.  I could hit / and the channels would move around.  It  
didn't seem to hide non-favourites so much as move them to the bottom  
of the list.  Then after I played with it for a while trying to  
figure out exactly what was going on I got it into a state where I  
had 5 callsigns/icons down the left hand side, but only two, very  
tall, rows of channel information in the EPG.  Surely the callsigns  
should always match the actual guide information?  Should hiding the  
non-favourite channels actually hide them, or is this a documentation  
issue and it is meant to just change the sorting?

At the moment I've just set the HD channels to invisible again, and  
am assuming their rank stops them from picking up stray recordings.   
We'll see how that goes.

Be well,

Will          :-}

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