[mythtv] If you don't match on PMT....Re-Tune - Possible? -> Better Idea

Matthew Drobnak mdrobnak at optonline.net
Sat Jan 21 21:13:13 UTC 2006

Sorry for the seperate thread - inital one was sent from my web-mail.

I'll post the re-tune patch once I get everything going. I'm working with  
SVN 8390.

I've thought of a better, and more useful way to ensure I'm at the right  
spot - check the NIT
for the orbital location of the sat. This will be useful not only in this  
scenario - it will
work for those who are using rotors to move their satellite dish from one  
location to the next.
If you check the NIT, There's the network id (already have a patch for  
this from someone else),
but also inside of the NIT is the orbital location of the satellite.  
Therefore, if one names
their video source (or uses the location directive - how would I enable  
that for a non-rotor app?)
as the same as the location...we could match on that to ensure it's tuned  

I need some help with this thought....There's a utility called nscan which  
gets this info,
and I looked at some of the code, and I can sort-of follow it, but not to  
the point where
I can write a parser for myth.


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