[mythtv] Backend process dies at 4GB file limit? - coding hints wanted.... PATCH ATTACHED TOO

Buzz buzz at oska.com
Fri Jan 20 06:53:58 UTC 2006

The problem is that as it exists now in CVS,  ThreadedFileWriter.cpp has no
"usual failure path" from the 'write' command (in safe_write).  safe_write
returns a uint to indicate how much was written, and '0' is a legitimate
amount to write, not an error case.  I've changed the relevant places to
allow it to return negative (failure),and pass the failure back-up the
calling chain to RingBuffer where it emits an error to the log.     

Both backend and frontend both still seem oblivious to the error condition
that occurs when RingBuffer->Write() return -1 during a record.

Other suggestions?


> > 
> > Am I doing the right thing here... Or is there an easier way?
> > 
> Just ignore the signal - write will return EFBIG and the 
> recording should follow the usual failure path.  You should 
> be able to test it with ulimit -f, that will allow you to 
> generate SIGXFSZ with smaller files.
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