[mythtv] mythtv commit: r8651 by danielk (Auto Aspect Ratio

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri Jan 20 05:26:25 UTC 2006

> > I also wondered if there is value in fixing the aspect ratio to the
> > height instead of the width (or have the option between the two).
> >
> If you have a wide screen aspect ratio TV, you would like to fix  
> height and calculate width.  If not, you want to fix width and  
> calculate height.  Obviously, any calculated dimension should be  
> divisible by 16.

Hence my reason for fixing width and calculating height (no widescreen
TVs in the house yet). :)  I can see how the other way around would
be good though for widescreen TVs.  Fixing it to allow either would
be pretty easy though, and I could get rid of the transcodepreserveaspect
setting also.  I put this on my TODO list to add after 0.19 is out,
I already have it in my head how to add it.


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