[mythtv] HD3000 issues?

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 04:19:48 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 18 January 2006 23:05, Robert LeBlanc wrote:
> > On Jan 18, 2006, at 5:57 PM, Robert LeBlanc wrote:
> > Ok,
> >
> >  I'm not exactly sure if this is a dev problem, but here goes. I
> > downloaded the latest SVN and compiled it in my old environment (same
> > machine, 32-bit PVR-500) and it works great. I decided that I would try
> > to go to 64-bits again (same machine) and finally try to get the HD3000
> > card that's been sitting on my shelf for 6 months to work. So I get
> > everything compiled just fine in 64-bits, grab the newest kernel
> > because the HD3000 drivers are in the source. I can tune and
> > watch about half a dozen channels just fine using QAM. So I spent the
> > last two days working to get Myth functioning. Where I am at now is
> > mythtv-setup can scan the channels, it locks onto them and add them, but
> > when I go to view the channel, the front end spits out tons of:
> >
> > <snip>
> > Why make two major changes at once?  I've been using my HD3000 with the
> > kernel drivers since 2.6.12, but I'm not about to go 64 bit, even though
> > I've got an Athlon64 dual core.  Of course, I'm not doing QAM either,
> > just straight ATSC.
> >
> >
> >
> > Keith
> I think I'm a masochist. I love a good challenge! I've made a lot of
> progress on the problem, but I can't seem to make any progress. I just
> need some ideas to get me thinking if there is not a problem in the
> code. Also if people have some good links to documents setting up the
> HD3000 and Mythtv, I'd love to go through them. The link on pchdtv's
> site, points to a page that just stops in the first quarter of the
> document, no next links, no closure, it just stops.
> Robert

a good guide to get the card working:

Jason Beck's guide to modifying the db for use with QAM:
its not all that up to date with current CVS, but I've yet to get around to 
writing up both these articles for the new wiki. I've used this method 3 
times so far with perfect results so feel free to ask me questions.

as well, I'm "moving" this to the users list.

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