[mythtv] Mythbackend UPnP server?

David Blain MythTv at TheBlains.net
Wed Jan 18 02:03:30 UTC 2006

> Subject: [mythtv] Mythbackend UPnP server?
> Has anybody ever mentioned/thought about making mythbackend 
> into a UPnP server?  This way you could buy a small D-Link 
> DLNA/UPnP renderer like this as a MOSTLY functional frontend:
> Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?
> Mat

I have already implemented most of what is needed to turn MythBackend into a
uPNP Server.  Here is what I have left to do:

1) Finish implementation of the CDS (Content Directory Service) for the
various media in MythTv.  I am trying to design it so that any content
(Recorded programs, Movies, Music, Photos, DVD, ...) can be added by
implementing a few interfaces and registering it with the upnp service
classes that I have created.  (I am focusing on Recorded Programs as the
first implementation).

2)Implement the Notification Subscription services (events).  This should
not take long, all pieces have been completed, just need to assemble them.

3)Move all independent code into a library (currently developing everything
in the MythBackend project for simplicity).

4)Merge all the changes with SVN.  I am working with an old version of SVN
(pre-live tv changes).

One thing that I am including in my implementation is a DVR service. There
is no upnp DVR definition that I could find, so I am basing the
functionality on current requirements to implement a frontend.  The ALL
methods for ALL services exposed will be SOAP/uPNP compliant as well as REST
compliant (a simple query string based http request will perform the

I was planning to have the completed implementation done 2 months ago...
Unfortunately, real life has gotten in the way.  I am starting a new project
at work and should start to have time in the next month or so to finish my
changes (I figured the delay would allow all the LiveTV changes to become
rock solid).

Let me know if you have any specific questions,

David B.

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