[mythtv] MythMail script; please test

Eggert Thorlacius eggi-spam at menandmice.com
Tue Jan 17 18:46:22 UTC 2006

Hey all

Here is a small script that I wrote, mostly to learn Python.  It is  
designed to run from a cronjob after mythfilldatabase has run and  
will attempt to pick out any "new" shows and e-mail them to you.   
This is very handy for TV stations that broadcast an endless stream  
of 'C.S.I.' and "Law and Order" reruns but drop in a couple of movies  
every now and then.

The reason I post it here is that I would like to get some feedback  
on it before I submit it to trac.  Currently, all I know is that it  
works for me. :-)

Specifically, I want to know:
* Does it work with any other listings grabber than my own?
* Do the MythWeb links work outside the GMT timezone?
* Is the seriesid a good indicator of whether a show is 'new'?  I  
could use the title and subtitle instead if it is preferred.
* The script creates a new table in 'mythconverg'.  Is this OK? I  
could create my own database but that seems like a bit of a waste for  
a single table.
* Can anyone think of a better name? There is already a script in  
contrib called mythmail but I really can't think of anything  

run 'mythmail.py --help' for more info


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