[mythtv] Movie duplicate detection

Stutty stutty at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 18:19:59 UTC 2006

How exactly should mythtv and xmltv handle movies that are split into
parts by the broadcaster? i.e. typically in the UK the broadcaster
will show the first 60-90 minutes of a film and then show the News
then @ 9pm or 10pm show the final part of the film after the news.

First problem is that the listings data usually only fills in the full
movie details for the first part of the movie, so a rule to say record
all 3 star movies or all Clint Eastwood films will only record the
first half (you can imagine how annoying this is!).

This problem I can easily overcome in xmltv (there's probably a way to
do this in mythtv, but I don't really see this as a fault of myth so
no point - especially if it's a UK (radio times) only issue).

The second problem I have is how to get myth to see the two seperate
parts of the film as different things - as far as I can tell
mythfilldatabase creates a programid that is based on the Title alone,
thus any twiddling of the option to match duplicates on
subtitle/description, has absolutely no affect.

Options as I see it are:
 * to do add a series and episode Id into the xmltv data - not really
what its for?
 * always blank the programid if there is no series/episode no, even
if it is a movie (the current exception)
 * petition the broadcasters to stop them putting the flipping news in
the middle of films

Any reasons why the programid is set for movies and no other program types?

If there aren't any I'll raise a ticket to remove the exception.

Hmm bit of a ramble, Quite a long email to justify a one line change!


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