[mythtv] Problems getting a backtrace..... Slows to a halt and uses all memory up when run under GDB?

Buzz buzz at oska.com
Tue Jan 17 15:09:54 UTC 2006

My mythbackend is dying just about every time I go into livetv, and I'm
trying to get a backtrace, but the system slows to a <almost> halt (mouse is
unusable, and clicks take upto a minute to be responded to by X) and uses
all memory (over 1/2 GB ram) up when under GDB?

Anyone got any suggestions what I'm doing wrong?

All I'm doing is:

Terminal 1# gdb mythbackend
Terminal 1# gdb> run -v all,nodatabase

Terminal 2# mythfrontend

And then it's unusable/unworkable.  Nothing out of the ordinary with the
system either.   


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