[mythtv] General SVN info

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 06:49:56 UTC 2006

Hello there!  I have a few general questions about SVN that just don't
seem so easy to find around the web:

I know that I can choose a specific SVN-version to checkout, but how
do I tell which version I currently have checked out?

If I maintain a single SVN source and pass it around my network to
different systems (64-bit, athlon-xp, and P3's), how do I 'make clean'
everything once the source is copied over to the new system.  What is
currently happening is I scp the 'mythtv' directory from one of my P3
machines to the 64-bit machine (different distro's, different GCC's,
different arch) and try a make clean, make distclean, but still get
complaints about files not being where they are supposed to be (I have
Makefile's that reference the location of QT files on the old system).
 So I'm wondering what I'm missing/mis-understanding.

Thanks!  Any other obvious tid-bits that one might need are very
welcome, or even a link to this kind of info is very much appreciated.


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