[mythtv] MythMusic Case Sensitive when it shouldn't

Rickard Borgmäster doktorn at sub.nu
Tue Jan 17 00:01:00 UTC 2006

I've discovered that MythMusic is case sensitive and that makes listings 
  unnecessary long. Example:

Ralph Myers and the Jack Herren Band
Ralph Myers and The Jack Herren Band
Ralph Myers And The Jack Herren Band

The above is of course the same artist. But case sensitive, this gives 
three separate lines when browsing music. I realize that this is a 
matter of mistagged songs, but it is so common that I think MythMusic 
should be clever enough to aggregate 3 lines into one.

Probably, the best place to fix is in the importing procedure. Otherwise 
some aggregate function needs to be implemented whereever listings may 

Best regards
Rickard Borgmäster

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