[mythtv] High level CI patch

Henrik Sjoberg hsjo at epact.se
Mon Jan 16 13:56:16 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I have done some work to add the use of the high level CI to mythtv. It
may not be a work of art but it works nice for me. I would like to share
my work with those that are interrested in getting their HLCI cards to
work (Twinhan users?).

My question is now what the correct way to do that is? There is an old
trac ticket about this (844), but that was closed soon since it was a
feature request and not a bug. I have searched svn.mythtv.org but can only
find information about bugs and feature request. This is more of a
solution to a feature request.

Would the best idea for me be to:
1. Open the old ticket and add the patch there? (There are a some feature
request tickets with patches around)
2. Create a new ticket (don't really see why though)
3. Add it to the feature request wiki with a link to the patch somewhere.
4. Post it on some mailing list. (like this one)

Thanks for a great job!


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