[mythtv] Diseqc Switching still not working?

Zdzislaw Gorlicki zdzisekg at comcast.net
Mon Jan 16 04:11:21 UTC 2006

On Sunday 15 January 2006 06:24, Wim Fokkens wrote:
> It is only a live cd when you want to run a frontend at some PC without
> installing it.
> The rest of the options are complete installs. (which I did) so I must be
> able to apply the patch.(well maybe I am not able to apply the patch but
> that will be not the faul off knoppmyth)
> Can you please tell me exactly what to do. Do I have to rebuild or compile
> afterwards?
> Thanks I advance
> Wim

Again, I know nothing about knoppmyth, I don't know if the sources are 
installed when you install knoppmyth or not, but here is how you would 
typically do it on any distro.

1) you need the source code for myth. If it's not already included when you 
install knoppmyth, you can download the stable version from mythtv.org, or if 
you want the lates unstable version, you can donwload it using subversion 
(svn.mythtv.org). All the instructions are at 

2) Once, you have the sources, you can patch them with any patches available 
that you think may be usefull, like the diseqc patch. (instructions were in 
the last email)

3) ou can run ./configure --help to get a list of available options first, 
then  you run "./configure [options] && qmake modulename && make && make 
install". I'm not sure how knopmyth sets the path and where it installs to so 
you don't end up with two copies of myth on your system. You may want to 
check with them as to what is the right way of doing it.

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