[mythtv] LiveTV program change hangs frontend

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sun Jan 15 05:51:05 UTC 2006


I'm seeing a problem with my setup and hope someone can assist in
providing the correct cmomand line flags for backend/frontend that will
help in its diagnosis.

I have a diskless backend that uses NFS for all data storage. When viewing
LiveTV on the server that hosts the NFS shares, the display freezes when
there is a change of program in the EPG.

I see a burst of activity on the ethernet switch as the backend switches
to a new file on the NFS server but the frontend hangs about 10 seconds
later (presumably when it runs out of the current LiveTV file) rather than
continuing (with a new LiveTV file). The backend appears to be sending
data still as the new LiveTV file continues to grow. I can 'escape' from
LiveTV mode on the frentend and re-enter it and its OK up to the next
program change. I've tried leaving it to see if it picks up but I reckon a
delay of over 30 seconds is a bug even if it does start up again (which it
doesn't anyway)!

Is this a timing issue due to the backend being diskless but the frontend
is actually on the backends' NFS server so the data passes over the
network 3 times (backend to NFS share for 'ringbuffer' storage, NFS share
to backend for it to stream to the frontend and finally backend to
frontend for display).

The network must have enough bandwidth (100MHz CAT5) as its fine apart
from the transition at program changes:-(

I've seen this behaiviour for a while but its still there with SVN r8602
(i.e. updated yesterday).


Robin Gilks

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