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jafa hdtv at silicondust.com
Sun Jan 15 03:55:42 UTC 2006

Thanks - that was what I was looking for.
(resending to avoid size limit)

Am I correct in thinking the "channelnames" and "currentcapchannel" 
relate to the input selection? (choosing between a list of inputs such 
as antenna, composite, and s-video?)

This box has only one input (it has two tuners but they both run at the 
same time so show up as two different devices). At the moment I have the 
following in my constructor:
   channelnames[0] = "MPEG2TS";
   currentcapchannel = 0;

I also don't quite get the sourceid side of things... channel.cpp uses 
sourceid based on the current input.
       "WHERE videosource.sourceid = channel.sourceid AND "
       "      channum = '%1' AND channel.sourceid = '%2'")

DBox2 does something different:
         "WHERE "
         "channel.sourceid = cardinput.sourceid AND "
         "cardinput.cardid = :CARDID AND "
                 "channel.channum = :CHANNUM");
   query.bindValue(":CARDID", m_cardid);
   query.bindValue(":CHANNUM", channelnumber);

The attached patch is the latest code I am working with. It changes 
channel now but the channel query is a hack and doesn't look right.

This is turning out to be quite interesting :-)


Isaac Richards wrote:
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> On Saturday 14 January 2006 20:16, jafa wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> The HDHomeRun code is now finding and connecting to the box ok. When a
>> recording starts it configures the target parameters and streams video.
>> Next on the list of things to get working is changing channel... it
>> looks like I need to implement SetChannelByString?
>> How do I convert the display channel number into the RF channel number?
>> (or frequency would be ok too). Do I need to write a query to get this
>> information from the database or is there common code already to do this?
> See channel.cpp, line 455-ish.
> Isaac
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