[mythtv] mythmusic and non-id3 tagged songs

Rickard Borgmäster doktorn at sub.nu
Fri Jan 13 21:11:53 UTC 2006


Just found out another limiting factor with mythmusic. And that is that 
when scanning for songs and adding such without id3 tags. In the setup 
it is possible to enter a pattern for the storage directory like 
GENRE/ARTIST/ALBUM/TITLE and such. I miss a NULL or IGNORE keyword here.

I also miss a "broken in two" keyword, such as ARTIST-ALBUM.

This is some example of how I store my pretty large collection:
Albums/2001/York - Experience/01-Awakening.mp3

What happens is that the first subdirectory is interpreted as something 
that actually has to do with the song's title or artist. With such a 
NULL keyword that I'm asking for, the first subdirectory level could be 

Also, since there is no "broke in two" keyword for Artist-Album, the 
artist will be called "York - Experience" whereas the real thing should 
be Artist=York and Album=Experience.

Best regards
Rickard Borgmäster

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