[mythtv] XvMC issues with a digital channel supplying a lo-def feed, but not with a HD feed.

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Fri Jan 13 15:21:32 UTC 2006

> my fox affiliate is currently spitting out a lodef feed (the exact
> same thing as on the analog channel)...i turned on xvmc decoding and
> myth's video feed freezes up 2 seconds in when i try to watch it. (the
> video stops coming, but esc quits back to the main menu)
> however, after much trying i managed to tune to inhd and watch a hdtv
> feed, it plays fine.

This type of problem hasn't been reported before, where the hifi feed
works and the lofi doesn't. It is possible that if they just started
transmitting that it is broken at the transmitter. There was an example
of that on the users list once, on Friday night one channel started
transmitting bogus data, and it was fixed Monday morning.

It is also possible if you quit the frontend or another video
application a few times via Ctrl-C that you are out of 'good' 
XvMC surfaces at low res. Exiting X11 and reloading the video
driver can fix this. With nvidia this would do it:
    'rmmod nvidia ; sleep 1 ; modprobe nvidia'

-- Daniel

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