[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r8577 by danielk

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Thu Jan 12 16:18:02 UTC 2006

> Chris, I believe this is how it has always worked, overrecord is applied
> unconditionally to the recording. Then the overrecord time is overridden
> by StartRecording() when the scheduler wants to record something. This
> allows the overrecord to work in the presence of rescheduled or canceled
> follow-on recordings, without needing to update the end time. Updating
> the end time wasn't a feature when overrecord was first added...

Overrecord (aka postroll) is supposed to always be optional and are applied
in the recorder.  The per-recording start-early and end-late settings are
 unconditional since they are applied on the scheduler's end.

Look at how 0.18 did overrecord.  Overrecord/postroll has been in Myth
for years.  Here's the part of the code from 0.18 that handled the
transition from normal recording to overrecord:

        if (StateIsRecording(internalState))
            if (QDateTime::currentDateTime() > recordEndTime || finishRecording)
                if (!inoverrecord && overrecordseconds > 0)
                    recordEndTime = recordEndTime.addSecs(overrecordseconds);
                    inoverrecord = true;
                    VERBOSE(VB_RECORD, QString("switching to overrecord for "
                                               "%1 more seconds")
                    nextState = RemoveRecording(internalState);
                    changeState = true;
                finishRecording = false;

So, recordEndTime is originally set to the real endtime of the
recording, then if we got to the end, we'd switch to overrecord if
overrecordseconds > 0.  Inside of TVRec::StartRecording() there was
this code:

    if (inoverrecord)
        nextState = kState_None;
        changeState = true;

        while (changeState)

That would stop us from recording overrecord and start the new


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