[mythtv] add to Trac?

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 20:37:38 UTC 2006

I want to add the following as a ticket to Trac, but since theres no patch 
attached, its more of a "bug" report with a possible solution for when a dev 
has the time to put something together. Not sure if I should though, so I 
figured I'd ask...
Summary=Fix for Firewire connected Motorola DCT-64xx cable boxes

I have not the skill to write such a patch, but I'm hoping this ticket will 
remind a dev that does to create a patch for us DCT-64xx users to try to see 
if the problem canbe solved.

Basically, the node the box is on needs to be reset (software version of 
pulling the cable out and plugging it back in) before attempting to capture 
an mpeg stream from the cablebox. It may also be of benefit to do it even 
before the channel change command, as changing channels seems to have issue 
as well sometimes. Two seperate patches for each problem would probably be 
best, to track the benefit of both methods.

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