[mythtv] Legacy Switch Support Patch for svn 8257

homer simpson homer_simpson_loves_u at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 11 18:48:22 UTC 2006

With reference to Bug #945, Daniel suggested I post this patch. This patch 
works through the latest svn up throgh 8560.

Please note: I am not the author of this patch, NoOneImportant is. This is 
my version of the patch I created a few months ago when dvbdiseqc.h changed 
structure. It is a very simple patch and has worked in versions as recent as 
7607 -- possibly more recent.

Patch is attached. Please note: NoOne has indicated that the patch needs to 
be modified to check for kernel support for the legacy switch. I believe the 
legacy stuff has been in since 2.6.12, possibly even older kernels. I 
haven't changed the code because I don't know how to. If there's a simple 
explanation as to how to do that I'll make an attempt. I'm very much a linux 
& 'C' noobie, but I learn pretty quickly.


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