[mythtv] #770 (progress dialog in mythmusic not going away)

Hal Burch hburch at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 14:58:00 UTC 2006

Isaac wrote in SVN:
> Unfortunately, there's nothing obvious in the backtraces. I'm tempted to remove the progress
> dialog..

If this is occuring on more SVN systems than just wseltzer, I concur.

However, wseltzer also reports problems with other dialogs not closing
properly, a behavior I have not observed.  This gives me concern that
it may either be due to an idiosyncrasy of his system for some reason
or, more problematic, this issue may be indicative of a larger problem
with popups in general.

Are others having problems with the mythmusic progress dialog not
closing properly (after [8174]) or observing other popups like the
progress dialog not close properly?

 - Hal

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