[mythtv] Netowrked ATSC Tuner

jafa hdtv at silicondust.com
Wed Jan 11 06:10:20 UTC 2006

Hi guys,

I have put in code to receive the TS from a network socket but have hit 
a small snag...

2006-01-10 22:01:32.136 HDHomeRunChannel->SetChannelByString: '101'
2006-01-10 22:01:32.137 TVRec(1) Error: Channel: '' was not found in the 
                        Most likely, your DefaultTVChannel setting is wrong.
                        Could not start livetv.
2006-01-10 22:01:32.138 TVRec(1) Error: CreateLiveTVRingBuffer() failed

It is choosing the default channel 101 (which should be ok) and I have 
verified that 101 exists as a named channel in mythtv-setup.

Any thoughts?


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