[mythtv] Auto transcode broken?

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Jan 10 22:42:06 UTC 2006

> Just started playing around with transcoding and noticed the same
> thing. I've setup some transcoding profiles, assigned some recordings
> to them, enabled auto-transcoding after the recording but they don't
> get transcoded (don't even see it come up in the logs). They get
> transcoded when I start the job manually.

I'm running SVN from the early morning of the 8th, and it seems to be working
fine here.  That morning I resetup a slave with air2pc cards and scheduled a
recording so I could verify that autotransode was working so I could watch
my HD recordings even though I don't have a HDTV or fast-enough frontend
yet. :)

2006-01-08 04:44:48.359 Started recording: Saturday Night Live: channel 2007 on cardid 7, sourceid 2

2006-01-08 05:01:11.601 Transcode Starting for Saturday Night Live: 370.6 MB (Autodetect)

2006-01-08 05:01:12.053 Transcoding from /usr2/video/mythtv/recordings/2007_20060108044500.mpg to /usr2/video/mythtv/recordings/2007_20060108044500.mpg.tmp

2006-01-08 05:27:10.267 Transcoding /usr2/video/mythtv/recordings/2007_20060108044500.mpg done

2006-01-08 05:27:10.515 Transcode Finished for Saturday Night Live: 370.6 MB => 175.6 MB (Autodetect)


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