[mythtv] Diseqc Switching still not working?

Wim Fokkens wimfokkens at planet.nl
Tue Jan 10 21:03:13 UTC 2006

Mark wrote:

It's not really a bug. It seems all DiSEqC equipment behaves differently.
I've had to fiddle with the diseqc code quite a bit in order to get my
configuration working properly.

Ok but how do other programmers cope with this problem. I have used lots of
other program's (under windows) and never experienced these problems before.


Mark wrote

To answer your question, that bit of code exists on SVN so it probably
exists in KnoppMyth as well.

I installed knoppmyth R5A30 now. But diseqc is still not working.





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I firs post this at myth users but I got no responds 



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I am running knoppmyth R5A26. I have a 4 way diseqc switch.

LNB1 is astra 19.2 LNB2 is astra 28.2 and LNB3 is hotbird 13.0.

If I run mythsetup I am not able to scan channels at LNB 2 & 3.

I tried with a Technotrend Budget and a KNC1 satellite card.

If I bypass the diseqc switch I am able to scan the channels.


I searched the user list and I found the following.

DVB, Diseqc and scan


At the end of this discusion Johan had found a solution.


>Hi all 

>I've fixed my problem thx to Arne Varholm. I found some old postings on 
>the dev mailing list about the issue I'm facing so i contacted one of 
>the fellows in the discussion and Arne told me that I could comment out 
>the following lines in dvbdiseqc.cpp 

>if (ioctl(fd_frontend, FE_DISEQC_SEND_BURST, SEC_MINI_A ) == -1) 
>return false; 

>Now it works like a charm. My C++ skills ar very basic and I do not know 
>how to file a bug report (if this is a bug) so that it can be 
>implemented in the source distribution. The code fragment above is still 
>in the CVS. But as i said, my C++ skills are very basic and I do not if 
>one just can remove these lines without disturbing something else 




Does this bug still exist in knoppmyth R5A26?





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