[mythtv] feature suggestion: password on scheduling/recording options

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Jan 10 17:12:10 UTC 2006

Russell Salerno wrote:

>Here is a feature which I believe many people would find useful, particularly those who have children.  In my case, the kids have figured out how to schedule recordings, and as a result, considerable disk space is consumed on things like multiple daily episodes each of "Sponge Bob", "Kim Possible", "Fairly Odd Parents", etc., and much time is spent deleting and changing storage options afterwards.  Also, certain shows which should not be recorded, are, and as a result, considerable time is spent policing the MythTV system.
>It would be desirable to password protect MythTV's scheduling features so that only those who know the password can schedule recordings. Note that I am not referring to the MythWeb interface (which is unknown, thankfully, in my home), but rather, the main MythTV UI.  I guess a good point to do the password check would be at the entry to the recording options page. 
>Although I have not done any MythTV development, I am willing to tackle this project myself, or work with someone with MythTV development skills to get it done.
Sounds good.  But as a suggestion to you for your sanity in the 
meantime, you could also remove all scheduling items from your menus.  
This would remove the ability to schedule new recordings altogether (you 
could do this for only one frontend also if the kids only use one TV) 
and just schedule them with MythWeb which you can password protect using 
the normal apache methods.


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