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Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Mon Jan 9 23:30:01 UTC 2006

> I notice that the performance of playback seems to be suboptimal.

	Indeed, but I don't think it far behind i386?
* Your average PIII 500 can play back MPEG2 SDTV
   at the full frame rate if you have Xv support
   (i.e. hardware colour space translation)
* My G4 400 can _almost_ do the same thing.

	The G4 should be capable of better, but I think
that the MPEG decoding code in avlib is primitive.
There is PPC code there, but I doubt it is as well
optimised as the Pentium code.

	Jeremiah did lots of work optimising QuickTime
calls and doing assembler for the OSD translation.
I miss him :-(

	Last April, Benjamin Hulley told me about a hack
which opens an interface to the hardware DVD decoding:
To my shame, I haven't had the time to explore, though.

> For example, I captured some HDTV video over firewire using MythTV.
> When I try to play it back using the frontend, it is totally 
> unwatchable.

	I have that problem on PCs too. None of my machines
(EPIA M10000, Gigabyte w KM400/AMD XP2400,
  various Pentium and Celeron at work) are up to the task.

> However, when I use VLC to play the same file, it looks almost
> perfect, with only barely perceptible jerkiness

	Interesting. I will have to experiment myself, now.

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