[mythtv] MythTV Usability Report

Luke A. Olbrish luke at gehennom.net
Mon Jan 9 20:03:12 UTC 2006

Kevin Kuphal <kuphal at dls.net> writes:

>>* EPG1 - When watching TV you will often want to view the EPG.
>>Currently you do this by pressing Menu and then selecting Program
>>Guide from the on-screen menu. This two step process needs to be
>>instead bound to a single key so that you can press one button and
>>access the EPG while watching TV.
> I believe it already is.  The keys.txt in the source distribution
> explains many of the key mappings

Does the svn release provide better support for key eventing?
Something that allows better mapping to a media keyboard
(XF86AudioMute, XF86Standby, etc....)?

In my ideal world, I would love to see mythtv implement a "scheme" in
which all actions were exposed to a runtime language and then eventing
on actions would actually be programed from this "scheme".  With this
method, people could use the runtime language to implement all sorts
of interesting combination or conditional actions and perhaps we would
see some interesting innovations by decreasing some of the curve in
getting involved in development.  Perhaps people could even write
custom plugins or hooks into other plugins with this "scheme".
Maybe we could use a language like Lisp, but not Lisp...  I wouldn't
complain too much if DCOP or Python was preferred though.

If anyone is interested in this second idea, I am willing to volunteer
some time, but I am just starting to get familiar with the codebase
and my only mod currently is something to fix mythgame (non-svn) to
run xmame v.103.  I was busy the previous week in modding my kernel to
fully support those damn media keys.  If someone can point me to a
good place to start that will allow me to do things like have and
xmodmap that doesn't make me map a media key to "M", but instead
allows me to map the menu to the media key's X-event (or simply
/dev/event...)... I would appreciate it.

Luke Anthony Olbrish
<tool at gehennom.net>

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