[mythtv] MythTV Usability Report

Johnathon Meichtry johnathon-dev at meichtry.org
Mon Jan 9 13:51:47 UTC 2006

For those of you complaining about developers reactions to Jono's original 
post I say you are all dead weights.  If you are not running SVN and 
participating on this list then you are not able to contribute in a timely 
fashion and therefore of no use.  It's like your the purhaser of a second 
hand car i.e. last years model, R&D don't want to know you cause things have 
moved on with this years model therefore anything you have to say is out of 
date or out of sync with corrent R&D efforts.

It doesn;t take much to run SVN - all you have to do is read the 
instructions like the rest of us did (I'm not a developer by any stretch of 
hte imahination).  Sure its painful and sometimes a particular build works 
and somethings they don't but that is all part of the Opensource fun.

MythTV is a "communal work of art in progress".  All the thousands of people 
who run old stable code (i.e. .18 etc) do little to help the project to move 
forward.  Everyone should run SVN, even if it is a slightly older more 
stable build - that way everyone would have something relevant to contribute 
in one way or another and understand how the development occurs and be in 
sycn with the project.  That is don't be a precompiled binary/rpm leech - 
get the source, get involved and stay up to date!

This whole discussion is such a waste of time, especially for the developers 
who commit what little free time they have to the project.

I agree with the mantra "if you don't like it then change it" and if you 
don't like that then you are not truly understanding opensource development 
and should go buy a Windows Media Centre Edition machine where MS will treat 
you like a child but let you do some of the things MythTV lets you do in a 
stable environment.

Johnathon  :)

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>>    > (d) Based on what release?  Latest-this-minute?  Within the last
>>    >     month?  Stable?
>>    Reasonably recent SVN, or a stable release if one was released 
>> recently.  I
>>    would expect anyone spending time on something like this to at least 
>> _check_
>>    current SVN to see if the issues they're discussing still exist, as 
>> well.
>> Tricky for users wanting to run stable w/o owning extra hardware, but
>> maybe doable, especially if "reasonably recent" was well-defined.
> You wouldn't really need to run SVN to check for a feature, you could:
> a) Search the -commit archives.
> b) Search the -dev archives.
> c) Search the -users archives.
> d) Ask in the -users list.
> Steve Daniels :-)
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