[mythtv] MythTV Usability Report

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Jan 9 04:34:04 UTC 2006

Steve Hodge wrote:

>>Developers knew it was an issue and fixed it. What more can you expect them to do??
>I can expect them to reply with a lot more politeness than has been
>shown in this thread. The tone of this thread has been outright
>dismissal that anything is amiss. That's not the way to treat someone
>trying to offer constructive criticism.
A simple email to the list asking about the desire for some usability 
testing and the information about his work with KDE recently posted 
would have probably resulted in simple replies like "Try using 0.19 or 
wait for the release because it is coming out really soon".  

It happens time and time again.  People mean well and they try to offer 
their two cents without really taking a moment to ahead of time to say 
"Hey, what's the best way to go about this?".  So the result is they get 
some "harsh" responses because people on the other side just got a pile 
dumped in their laps which could have been immensily more useful if a 
little prepwork and introduction had happened first.  And I'm sure that 
each time it happens (and don't think this is the first), the replies 
get a little harsher.  Is it right, perhaps not, but it is the nature of 
the beast. 

Know your audience...


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