[mythtv] MythTV Usability Report

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Jan 9 03:25:24 UTC 2006

Craig Tinson wrote:

> well.. personally I think this is a good report.

I agree and I think he should take the time to make a similar evaluation 
of the latest code rather than spending time on things that have already 
been addressed

> The responses so far have been of the frame of mind of "well if you 
> don't like it - change it" or even worse "well if you don't like it - 
> don't use it"

Part of the point of open source is exactly "if you don't like it, 
change it".  Try to do that with you Tivo.  The point being made is that 
while the out of the box Myth menus or keybindings may not work for you, 
it is entirely in *your* hands to make them work better because you have 
the power to do it. 

> This is an old (and tiring!) point of view and really doesn't help 
> future the cause of OpenSource software in general. If this was still 
> the frame of mind then linux wouldn't have ever got out of console 
> mode (and yeah - we all know there are still some elitists that would 
> love that)
> How is OpenSource software ever expected to get into the realm of 
> public use without it being easier to use?? more software should 
> undergo similar Usability Testing.

It doesn't get much easier than being able to make the software do 
exactly what *you* want it to do...


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