[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] Ticket #967: Conflict resolution code with many shows appears to break down

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Jan 8 22:26:18 UTC 2006

MythTV wrote:
> #967: Conflict resolution code with many shows appears to break down
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>  Reporter:  term-mt1 at twistedpath.org  |       Owner:  ijr   
>      Type:  defect                    |      Status:  new   
>  Priority:  major                     |   Milestone:        
> Component:  mythtv                    |     Version:  0.18.1
>  Severity:  medium                    |  
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>  I did a search of existing bugs before filing this, so if I missed one
>  describing this problem, I apologize in advance.
>  I'm using 0.18.1 across the board. I told myth to record a bunch of

If there was something to be fixed going forward you should test
against current SVN.

>  shows/movies/etc., and then starting marking anything falling into
>  specific time windows "don't record". I started doing this with the web
>  interface, and after roughly a dozen such changes, changes started
>  failing.

This is horribly ambiguous. A kDontRecord adds another item to the
record table. If you want to track this down, check the Set Priorities
page in mythfrontend after each "don't record" to see if it added a
new entry for the title marked "O"verride in the gray font. More
exacting, use a mysql client to identify if the don't record rules are
being added:

mysql> select recordid,parentid,type,title from record order by title,recordid; 

Type 8 is a kDontRecord and has a parentid of the recordid it is

>  Workarounds (including what I could muck with in the sql tables) would be
>  great. I'm still trying to make this work. :)

Which brings up the question; what problem are you trying to solve?
If you don't want it to record anything for a period of time, then
just don't run the backend. If you want the system up but not recording
then start the backend with "--nosched". If you're going to be out of
town and don't want to record some of the rules while you are away
then mark the rules as Inactive and turn them back on when you get

--  bjm

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