[mythtv] RE: 'record weekly' bug?

Kevin Ruland kruland at sunflower.com
Sun Jan 8 19:43:59 UTC 2006

Chris Pinkham wrote:

>>There is now this problem with week change, when it's assigned to the
>>same as day change at 00.00, when there's also last weeks reruns coming
>>at seventh day. Then we need an addon to the algorithm to record the
>>last one coming at the seventh day, which is hopefully the new episode,
>>not the reruns coming before the precis weekchange..? Or am I lost with
>>this too?
>What happens if the station decides to show the rerun _after_ the
>new episode?  Using your 'last episode of the day' logic, you'd get the
>wrong episode in that case.
>You haven't presented any strong arguments as to why it should be
>changed.  With the current code, the user can fix it if any of these
>scenarios occur.  With hardcoding the week to start at midnight, the
>user doesn't have the option of fixing it.  The SQL editting was only
>the second option, Bruce explained how to resolve it using normal
>functionality in Myth.

Maybe a scheduling option for "premier only" which tests that original 
air date = today?

Just a thought.


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