[mythtv] RE: 'record weekly' bug?

Teemu Sillanpää teemu.sillanpaa at lut.fi
Sun Jan 8 09:30:38 UTC 2006

Chris wrote:
>If you want your week to start at midnight, then you need to hand-edit
>the starttime in the record table, otherwise you can do what Bruce
>described about marking that earlier episode for recording which will
>make your week start at 6:00PM instead of 8:00PM. 

You aren't thinking this out of the box. All of these needs manual
interuptions, which is not tolerable if you think this from the end-user
point of view who only wanted to record the show once a week, without
the reruns.

There is now this problem with week change, when it's assigned to the
same as day change at 00.00, when there's also last weeks reruns coming
at seventh day. Then we need an addon to the algorithm to record the
last one coming at the seventh day, which is hopefully the new episode,
not the reruns coming before the precis weekchange..? Or am I lost with
this too?


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