[mythtv] osx-packager.pl breaks after install of fink

David Snider dsnider at thesniderpad.com
Sat Jan 7 20:56:30 UTC 2006

> Hi all,
> 	The OSX packager script broke after I installed fink on my mac  
> mini.   Basically, it fails when compiling mythgallery with the new  
> exif flag.   I finally tracked the problem down to the mythplugins  
> configure script, in this section of code:
>         if test x`which pkg-config 2>/dev/null` != x"" ; then
>             if `pkg-config --atleast-version 0.6.9 libexif` ; then
>                 echo "#define NEW_LIB_EXIF 1" >> \
>                     ./mythgallery/mythgallery/config.h
>             fi
>         else
>             if test x"$newexif" = x"yes" ; then
>                 echo "#define NEW_LIB_EXIF 1" >> \
>                     ./mythgallery/mythgallery/config.h
>             else
>                 echo
>                 echo "Could not determine libexif version, if it is  
> greater"
>                 echo "than or equal to 0.6.9 you need to add"
>                 echo "--enable-new-exif to the configure flags"
>                 echo
>             fi
>         fi
So, apparently, this is a not so popular topic.. :-(  The reason I  
think this is a bug is that with the current logic in the configure  
script, even if you add the flag --enable-new-exif, the configure  
script will disable that flag with the pkg-config if statement.   If  
I manually specify --enable-new-exif, I would expect the configure  
script to honor that setting, if it fails because I don't really have  
it, that's my own fault.  But it shouldn't unset the flag because one  
utility can't find the proper library.

All I'm really asking the developers is should I log this as a bug?   
If not, why not, am I doing something wrong?  Is my logic flawed?

I just want to contribute to this fantastic project.

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