[mythtv] 'record weekly' bug?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Jan 7 20:50:08 UTC 2006

Teemu Sillanpää wrote:
> I'm using cvs build 8427 and a scheduling error ocurred today when

8427 is an SVN number not 'cvs'. I point this out because it is
typical of how inexact your messages are.

> program was marked to be recorded weekly.

This matters. 'record weekly' best equates to kWeekslotRecord where
the show record if at the exact time, day and station. Something
like 'record once per week' would imply kFindWeeklyRecord to
record any showing within the time interval "beginning from the
time of the showing that was selected when the rule was set." 


>  The show was coming few hours
> early than before and the mythfrontend informed that the show was not
> going to be recorded couse it was already recorded earlier (last
> saturday at 20.00, when it was aired today (saturday also) at 18.00 -
> 6days and bout 22 hours ago to be exactly)

If you are using FindWeekly, this is exactly as intended and
worked perfectly as designed. I can only assume that you set
a FindWeekly rule for a showing at 20:00 on Sat. If so, you
can go to the recording options page and the top section would
show something like this:

  Title of This Show
  (Sat, 8:00pm or later)
    Airdate: ...

This says that you expect the first showing of the week's episode
will be at 8pm on Saturday and all showings until 7:59 next Saturday
are rebroadcasts and recording any one of these will get the job
done. If there is a showing at 7pm or 6pm on Sat, then the station
must be showing a rerun of last week's show before the new show (I
see this often) which we know is always at 8pm.

If you have a new episode at 18:00 then remove your 20:00 rule and
create a new rule on the 18:00 showing so that it will record any
one showing "(Sat, 6:00pm or later)".

> Is this bug already fixed

Not a bug, it works perfectly. Has for about a year.

>  (didn't find a ticket when searching through
> the ticketsystem)? The scheduler should mark the show to be recorded if
> there's no recording from the past 6 whole days, not exactly 7 days as
> it appears to act now.

Um, no.

--  bjm

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