[mythtv] MythTV kudos

Randall Hopper viznut at charter.net
Sat Jan 7 17:48:44 UTC 2006

     Last weekend I dropped MythTV on a new PVR PC for the first time, and
I've gotta say, excellent job to to the developers and testers!  Having
used it all this week I've got a few quirks to work out but by-and-large
it's an amazing piece of work!

     I hope to get to the point fairly quickly where I'm contributing more
than just questions and problem reports.


P.S. My config:

Tuner 1  : PVR-150 (NTSC broadcast, ...plus DISH soon)
Tuner 2  : HD-3000 (ATSC/DVB broadcast)
Video Out: GeForceFX 5200 (fanless; TV/CRT TwinView config)
OS       : SuSE 9.3
MythTV   : latest SVN
CPU      : Athlon 64 3200+
MB       : ASUS A8V Deluxe
Mem      : 1 Gig

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