[mythtv] Datadirect error with MySQL 5.0

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Jan 7 05:43:28 UTC 2006

> Is it possible to quote the word "repeat" using backquotes insite the
> SQL statements in datadirect.cpp?  "repeat" is a reserved word in MySQL
> 5 and it's causing me to have to edit libmythtv and recompile everytime
> a new version is released.
> Thanks,
> -Nathan

Don't know what version you're using, but this was fixed a long time 
ago in SVN and was then fixed in the 0.18-fixes branch.

If you're reporting a bug on the -dev list, you should at least be using
the latest version of SVN HEAD or -fixes, we don't like tracking down
bugs we fixed already.  Asking on -users would have also let you know
this was fixed quite a while ago.


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